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Escape Velocity - with Dan Martell

Dec 31, 2020

When I launched my company in 2010, I gave a live demo to an audience showing how the service works.

It was my Steve Jobs moment.

From stage, I demonstrated how Clarity enabled me to call high-profile, successful entrepreneurs and get business advice from them over the phone instantly.

For the live...

Dec 17, 2020

“Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not”.

This is a quote from my latest Escape Velocity Podcast guest, Marvin Liao, formerly a partner at 500 Startups.

500 Startups is a venture capital fund that runs an accelerator in San Francisco and invests in seed rounds for tech startups.

At the time of recording...

Dec 3, 2020

Your website is polished. Facebook ads retargeting, Google ads pushing your domain to the top of the results page.

Traffic trickles through… starting with a sign-up for a free trial. All your PPC ad spend is balancing on a knife’s edge.

But here’s the question:

Will the prospect convert from a free trial to...

Nov 19, 2020

Back in 2012, when I raised $1.6M in funding for, I insisted on squeezing more out of my investors.

When I put together the final cap table, I made it clear that I also wanted introductions with other investors and businesses on their portfolio. 

They told me, “Dan, you’re asking a lot here…”

Nov 5, 2020

If you want consistent, predictable revenue for your SaaS then there’s one thing you’re going to need to build:

A killer sales team.

Don’t roll your eyes yet… Let me set the record straight.

In 2008, when I moved to silicon valley, sales teams were considered evil.

Tech companies pursued the unicorn: A...